"Our non-food brands are responsible for category growth.” In the broad category of household goods, Nedac Sorbo is an established name. A new way of working realized more product specialization within the company. That lead to stronger category concepts, which allows supermarkets to discern them.

“In all actuality we don’t sell products; we offer retailers a total solution for their household goods category”, says Linda Janssen-Homburg, business team manager of Nedac Cleaning. This is offered by way of total service merchandising as well as dc-delivery (and all other forms of distribution).

“Currently it’s about 50/50 between the two options”, says Linda, “but service merchandising is steadily rising in popularity amongst retailers, while ‘DC tendencies’ are on the decline.” Why? Retailers are seeing above average fair shares as a result of service merchandising, and are weighing it against their own results.

Linda: “It’s important to mention that retailers are continuously gaining more insight in the total cost of shelving a product themselves. Of course service merchandising has additional charges, but this yields a total service package, including the planogram and a complete build up. As a retailer, your only concern will be to make sure the products can be scanned.”

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