Sponges & Pads

Sponges are a basic necessity for all kinds of cleaning.

A new generation of sponges

We at Nedac Cleaning continuously improve products according to the newest trends and hygiene guidelines. This resulted in the development of the Sorbo Scrubby scouring sponge, an easier-to-use sponge that comes with a unique scrub surface that effectively cleans the most stubborn filth without leaving any scratches. The sponge is very durable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, resulting in a clean and effective kitchen sponge every morning.

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Wide variety

There is a lot to choose from. Basic viscose sponges have extra-absorbent properties, making them the ideal sponge for cleaning large areas. Melamine sponges remove stubborn stains without needing a detergent.

Scouring sponges are sponges with a scouring pad layer. These pads are also separately available. Scouring sponges and stainless steel sponges are ideal for deep cleaning kitchens, cookware and sanitary facilities. For more sensitive surfaces, consider using a non-scratch scouring sponge. Our brands carry a wide variety of sponges to choose from at multiple price points.