Dish Brushes

Looking for high-quality dish brushes for the daily washing-up? You have come to the right place. Our assortment of dish brushes runs the gamut from sturdy and straightforward to luxurious and innovative. We have the right brush for every wash.

High-end solutions

There has been much innovation in the dish brush industry, and this has led us to develop our new category of smart and time-saving dish brushes. The Sorbo Smartbrush features many built-in comforts and three types of premium bristles to clean any surface effectively. The Sorbo Quick & Easy dish brush has a soap dispenser and a modern, ergonomic design.

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Broad range

In addition to our Smartbrush and Quick & Easy, our brands and product lines offer and a vast assortment of brushes in various price ranges. We also have the cleaning classics – like the wooden brushes by Sorbo and the Ibex plastic brush. These brushes have different types of bristles, such as horsehair for delicate dishes or Tampico fibres for a more robust scrubbing.