Dish Brushes

When you are looking for a high-quality brush to do the daily dishes, we can offer you the best. Our collection of dish brushes ranges from minimalist and durable to luxurious and professional. Choosing the right brush depends on your cleaning needs.

High-end solutions

There has been a lot of innovation in dish brushes which has led us to our own new category of clever and time-saving dish brushes, such as the Sorbo Smartbrush which has many built-in comforts and three types of premium bristles to effectively clean every surface, and the Sorbo Quick & Easy dish brush which comes with a soap dispenser and is ergonomically designed. 

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Wide variety

We offer a wide variety of brushes varying from simple and sturdy to those with a more luxurious feel. Ibex offers a line of simple straight synthetic dish brushes with durable nylon bristles which are ideal for hospitality. The Vero brand offers an array of various wooden dish brushes filled with either practical nylon bristles or sturdy Tampico, or mixed fibre bristles.