Cleaning cloths

We offer a wide range of cleaning cloths that will get the job done quickly and easily. Our cloths are made from wide-ranging materials such as viscose, cotton and the innovative material microfiber. We also offer chamois cloths, made from synthetic or natural materials. Are you looking for cleaning cloths that meet the HACCP colour coding system? We carry multiple cloths that are suitable for the hospitality industry, for example.

Innovative material

Microfibre is a versatile material: ideal for cleaning, dusting and drying. By using it in creative ways, we have created multiple ranges of high-quality cleaning tools - from dishcloths and dusters to floor mops.

One of our most innovative cloths is the Sorbo Switch Dishcloth, which is so robust that it retains its shape and elasticity even after frequent use and washing. You can wash Sorbo Switch in the dishwasher, so you’ll have a fresh and clean cloth at your disposal every day.

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Various materials

The viscose household cloth is a genuine company classic. Viscose is a highly absorbent material, making it ideal to use in mops and household cloths. The classic Sorbo Sorbonettes are suitable for daily use. These multi-functional, viscose cleaning cloths can be used on any surface and are indispensable for every cleaning job.

Cotton is also highly absorbent and perfect for drying floors, so we have developed several cotton floorcloths that readily absorb dirt and moisture and are easily rinsed — ideal for both small and large floor surfaces. Cotton, viscose and microfibre are used in many of our product lines, for instance, in the Ibex and Sorbo ranges.