We offer a wide range of cleaning cloths that get the job done quickly and with ease. Our cloths come in various materials.

Innovative fabric

Microfibre is a versatile material: it is ideal for washing, dusting and drying. By using this material in various innovative ways, we are able to create various ranges of high-quality cleaning cloths from dishcloths to dusters and floor mops.

Some of our most innovative cloths include the Sorbo Switch Dish Cloth, which is so sturdy that it retains its shape and elasticity even after frequent use and washing. That makes it the ideal cloth to wash in the dishwasher; that way you’ll have a fresh and clean dishcloth every day.

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Various materials

We carry a wide variety of fabrics such as viscose and cotton, to more innovative materials like microfibre. We also offer synthetic and natural chamois cloths.

The viscose household cloth is a company classic. Viscose is highly absorbent, making it ideal to use as mops or household cloths. Cotton cloths are also very absorbent and ideal for drying floors or dishware. These fabrics are available in many of our product lines, for instance for Ibex and Sorbo.

We also offer cloths that fit the HACCP hygiene requirements for professional use by adhering to the Colour Coding System.