Floor & Window Cleaning Sets

Our brands have their specialised product lines, boasting an array of cleaning supplies and tools specially designed for floors and windows. These complete sets make cleaning more manageable, and whether you need a simple tool or are looking for high-end, innovative products: Nedac Cleaning can offer you every possible solution.

Mops & Floor Cleaners

We have a wide range of floor wipers and matching accessories. Our Vero, Vikan and Sorbo brands offer solutions for all types of floors, from delicate to smooth, hard floors. The Sorbo Premium floor appliances are suitable for both domestic and professional use. The Sorbo Floor Cleaner with spray system is ideal for quick and easy scrubbing.

From traditional cotton mops to microfiber scrub cloths, there is plenty to choose from.


Mop Trolleys

Looking for a high-quality, compact and robust mop trolley? The Vero Hygienic range carries several different types of trolleys for professional use. These mop trolleys include a wringer, one to two buckets for optimal hygiene, a handle clamp, and a materials basket.

Window and floor squeegees

The perfect window or floor squeegee will help you achieve perfectly dry, clean and streak-free results.

From basic to deluxe, our portfolio carries a wide variety of squeegees for both professional and domestic use. High-quality squeegees have a robust blade made of natural rubber, making them more durable for both home and professional use. Our 2-in-1 window cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning windows in no time at all. This cleaning set consists of a washer with an attached squeegee. The washer has an extra wide and highly absorbent microfibre cloth. The softness of the fabric helps you achieve sparkling clean results.

Sorbo Premium

The 2-in-1 window cleaner is a part of the Sorbo Premium line. The products in this range are fitted with the Quick Click system. This system of interchangeable accessories for one metal handle allows you to switch between various cleaning tools easily. With one simple click, you can change from window washer to duster to floor squeegee. The ideal tool for a thorough cleaning that doesn’t take up much space.