Brooms & Brushes

With strong brands like Sorbo, Vero, Elliott and Vikan in our portfolio, we can offer a wide selection of hand brushes with dustpans, brushes and brooms.

Deck Scrubbers

Deck scrub brushes are ideal for decks and patios: both wooden and stone floors are effectively cleaned. By adding suds, you’ll tackle any limescale, stains or grime from the deck. No matter the elements your flooring is exposed to, it will be good as new after using these scrub brushes. 

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Indoor brooms

There is plenty of variety in indoor brooms. From soft bristle parquet brooms designed to clean delicate surfaces to mixed fibre brooms designed to swiftly clean big or small dirt from smooth floors such as tile or concrete. Many of our brooms, especially those from the Vero and Elliott lines, are made of FSC® certified wood and other natural materials, making them extremely durable and comfortable to use. The Vikan brand carries a line of Colour Coded brooms for cleaning different areas, according to the HACCP hygiene guidelines.

Outdoor brooms

From lower segment brooms for clearing fallen leaves outside the home to professional grade brooms designed for removing coarse dirt, loose concrete and construction waste from rough surfaces.

Outdoor brooms have various fillings from all natural hairs to synthetic fibres, depending on your needs and floor type. Many brooms also have a combination of fibres, such as the Vero X-broom. This sturdy multi-purpose broom has a mix of plastic and synthetic fibres in diagonal rows forming an X pattern, for better results.  

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