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Specialist in daily near-food and non-food essentials


Nedac Sorbo Mascot is a renowned trade and distribution organization situated in Duiven and Blokker (NL), Breendonk (BE), Frankfurt (DE), Bath and Leiston (UK). The company is specialized in sourcing, developing and distributing non-food concepts. Nedac Sorbo Mascot is organized into 14 Business Teams. Each Business Team has its own category management team, sales & sourcing employees and product concept developers for both private labels and owned brands.

With more than 15.000 products in 14 product categories, Nedac Sorbo Mascot caters to her clients throughout Europe on a daily basis.


We are the market leader in socks, stockings and tights and offer an extensive range of hair fashion and hair accessories under our owned and licensing brands.

With our own styling and sourcing partners, we can guarantee quality and perfect presentation of the fashion trends of now and tomorrow.


An extensive offering of self-care products. The range includes hair care and skin care products, cleaning products, baby products and other toiletries.


An extensive range of greeting cards, gift wrapping paper, ribbons and gift bags. These items stand out due to the premium quality materials and the unique designs with reliefs, embossing, glitter and other applications.


We offer a very extensive collection in lighting. Whether it’s the newest LED, halogen or energy-saving lamps, we offer a tailored solution with high-quality products.

Besides we offer cases and protectors for phones and tablets, speakers, headphones, chargers and batteries.


The product range of both pet care brands, Best for your Friend and Pets Unlimited, consists of dog and cat treats, kibble, meals and grooming products.


An extensive range of self-care medication for retailers. The product range varies from medicines and vitamins to contraceptives and First Aid products.

The entire range consists of A-label brands from third parties.


Our complete offering of office accessories, stationary and storage solutions makes our OFFICE range your one-stop destination for office supplies.


Our wide range of party goods and candles provide any home with optimal atmosphere and décor.


We offer promotional in-store support by way of in/out programmes, seasonal products and loyalty programmes.


Our warehouse is one of the most modern slow mover warehouses in Europe where approximately 19.800 products pass through every year. 

With the help of our service merchandisers and state-of-the-art shelf management systems, we are able to offer supermarkets and shops a turnkey solution.


Discover the essential basics for every household, such as baking utensils, cooking tools, napkins and other kitchenware from our brands Tala, Chef Aid and Sorbo Home Essentials.


Tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, screws, nails, hooks and plugs make all ‘do it yourself’ tasks that much easier. Besides tools, our DIY range boasts various products for bicycle maintenance, and our Help brand is specially geared toward maintenance for cars (in winter).


From threads and needles to elastic and buttons. All the necessities for clothing maintenance and reparation.