Who we are

A leading specialist in cleaning supplies

Nedac Cleaning is a leading specialist in sourcing and supplying high quality cleaning supplies with over 50 years of experience. We offer a wide product range made up of a combination of owned, premium and customer own brands. Reliable, thorough and grounded are keywords for our company identity.

Nedac Cleaning caters to retail customers and professional users. Our product lines are very suited for daily commercial use. Our brands offer a wide assortment, including products that meet the standards of hygiene sensitive industries.

For our retail and wholesale customers, we can completely unburden the retail process by offering them a full-service package depending on their needs. This includes taking care of logistics, category management, promotional materials and custom designed planograms which include a variety of product ranges and brands.

Nedac Cleaning is a part of the international trade and distribution organization Nedac Sorbo Mascot.

“Good materials, user friendly & efficient”

Our mission is to develop a new generation of cleaning products for various stakeholders. Nedac Cleaning caters to supermarkets and hardware stores throughout Europe on a daily basis. All our products are affordable and effective choices. We make sure that our products get the job done better and faster.

Our biggest and best known brand is Sorbo, which has been offering sparkling cleaning solutions for the home for over 50 years. The brand stands out due to its use of vibrant colours, slick design and excellent quality. The Sorbo brand is constantly evolving, aiming to offer the most innovative cleaning solutions.

Our team

The Nedac Cleaning Team is made up of various key roles. The dedicated Category Managers have deep knowledge of our products and assortment. The devoted Buyers are always on the hunt for innovative and reliable products and have excellent sourcing skills which they use all over the world. Our passionate Designers make sure to translate such innovations into premium products that fit the Nedac Sorbo Mascot identity, under the right label.

The committed Account Managers build and maintain relationships with our clients. Our strategic Planner is in charge of all planning, ordering and logistical processes. As a team, our key strengths are category specialism, direct sourcing and local know-how. With our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom, Nedac Cleaning is able to cater to a large international market.