Traditional Dutch brooms and mops

Vero stands for quality and tradition. Their typically Dutch brooms and brushes have been a household staple in Dutch homes since 1890. In the past 100+ years, the brand has evolved into a comprehensive brand for professional cleaning, maintenance companies and general consumers. Our brooms are of the highest quality and a robust and durable choice for every surface. We offer an extensive range of brooms and brushes. with different types of bristles. From the original dustpan brushes with horse hair to sturdy outdoor brooms made with Tampico fibre. Continuous innovation always results in high-quality brushes and brooms. All our wooden brushes, brooms and handles are FSC® certified.

Vero Hygienic line delivers products that withstand professional cleaning requirements, such as mops, sponges, mop trolleys and buckets.

Professional use

High-quality products

FSC® Certified wood

Traditional Dutch company

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The Vero Outdoor label carries traditional wooden brooms made of sustainable FSC® wood.



Vero Hygienic offers professional mops, sponges and mop trolleys.